Center for Communications Regulations, Norms and Studies

This organization brings together the largest Paraguayan advertisers, advertising agencies and the media. CERNECO ensures the correct application of legal standards in the field of communication, advertising, freedom of expression and in particular, of the commercial expression, freedom of competition, as well as those related to consumer rights. It often acts as a consulting agency to the Paraguayan Government on issues related to commercial communication. TABESA is an active member of the CERNECO Commission for Alcohol and Tobacco, an internal Commission working on the topics and issues related to these sectors.


Paraguayan Chamber of Advertising

As well as being an entity that unites the advertisers of the country, the CAP is an organization that fights for the legalization and transparency of trade in goods and services of Paraguay, representing the largest advertising companies that operate legally in our market.
According to its vision, "The Paraguayan Chamber of Advertisers” represents national and multinational advertisers, to exert a continuous effort in the defense of freedom of commercial communication and the right of the advertisers to a market for the free exchange of goods and services on a local, regional and global level".

Other Organizations and Unions

- Production, Industry and Commerce Federation
- Paraguayan Industrial Union
- Paraguayan Tobacco Union
- Paraguayan Importers Center