Geographical Location

Paraguay is a mediterranean country, located in the heart of South America. With borders extending to 3,484km in length, the Republic of Paraguay shares frontiers with Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina.


Paraguay is a member of the MERCOSUR Treaty, signed in Asuncion, in 1991, by the Presidents of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Location for foreign trade

Paraguay occupies a strategic place in the heart of South America, with an average of 1,000 kilometers from the main cities in the Block and in the middle of the bi-oceanic corridors in the region. There are two international airports and five major river ports, and oceanic trans-shipment are available at the ports of Buenos Aires and Montevideo.
Area: 406,752 km2
Capital: Asunción
Official languages: Spanish and Guaraní
Currency: Guaraní
Population: 6,703,860 (59% urban, 41% rural)
Average population growth rate: 1,19% (est. 2014)
Inflation (2014) 5,1%
Unemployment rate (2014): 7,3%
GDP (2014): US$ 57,870 millions
International reserves (2014): US$ 6,914 millions
Exports (2014): US$ 14,610 millions
Imports (2014): US$ 12,370 millions
External debt (2014): US$ 8,759 millions
Minimum month salary (2014): US$ 380