Mission and vision

Our Mission

To satisfy the needs of adult smokers through quality at international level, and the perceived high value of its brands.

Our Vision

To be a socially responsible Company, leader in quality, productivity, innovation and operation in the manufacture of its tobacco products.
To constantly train our employees according to international standards, in ideal working environment and conditions so that they can fully achieve their maximum professional and human potential.
To contribute in the development of the country through investments in goods and services, new jobs, payment of taxes, and the generation of foreign exchange through exports to various global markets.
To apply the necessary resources to prevent an increase of smoking habits among minors, and support community development projects.



The Board of Directors of Tabacalera del Este S.A., through its Chairman, is committed to:
Satisfying the needs of adult smokers through its international quality brand and the perceived high value, fulfilling all legal requirements and norms, according to each market.
Providing personnel and materials necessary for the production of cigarettes in accordance with ISO 9001, as well as quality control testing performed in the Chemical and Physical Analysis Laboratory that conforms to Standard NP-ISO/IEC 17025, within the scope of accreditation. This ensures that the services provided meet the requirements requested by their customers, and that the analytical services are known for their quality.
Training our staff on a continuous basis, and to provide them with conditions to achieve the greatest possible development of their professional and personal potential through compliance of Quality Management System processes.
Continually improve our Quality Management System as a tool for the development of its products and processes, including laboratory tests with accredited methods in accordance with internationally accepted standards.


TABACALERA DEL ESTE S.A was evaluated and certified in November 2012 according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Standards, as Cigarette manufacturer, from mini silos in cigarette machines through to the finished products warehouse”.
In December 2013, we were successfully audited by SGS Paraguay S.A. Certifiers, as “Manufacturers of cigarettes, blend processing services to third parties, from the reception of tobacco blends through to the Finished Products Warehouse:”.
With the implemented Quality Management System, TABACALERA DEL ESTE S.A. has shown its ability to provide products on a regular basis to satisfy their clients. This indicates our wish to increase client satisfaction, including processes that will continually improve the system.